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History of 1862 David Walley'sYou’re invited to experience over 150 years of David Walley’s Resort.

David Walley's and Genoa history

1862 David Walley's Resort

Walley’s Hot Springs, an elegant spa and luxury hotel, was built in 1862 by David and Harriet Wally at a cost of more than $100,000. Walley’s had a 40-room hotel with 11 bathrooms, a grand ballroom, a large stable, a swimming pool, and several bathhouses with a resident physician and masseur. Famed for its baths, the springs are said to cure everything from sore muscles to rheumatism. Walley’s also catered to the palate with “all substantial and every delicacy in season.” It was a regular stop on stage routes, and a daily stage met the V&T train in Minden. Adjacent to the Pony Express Route and the Emigrant Trail, Walley’s was frequented not only by those who wanted to wash away the dirt, hardship, and disappointment of the mines, but also those who needed to soothe away the cares and pressures of success. These visitors knew the rich velvet, leather, and solid brass fixtures of private railroad coaches. These society men and women from distant cities as well as successful silver and gold mine owners, all found something magical about the hot mineral water bath, the unobstructed views, and the majesty of the Sierras. Walley’s has welcomed such historic figures as Mark Twain, Hank Monk the stagecoach driver, and more recently, silver screen idols like Clark Gabel, Ida Lupino, Carol Lombard, and Ray Bolger.

After David Walley’s death in 1875, his widow continued to operate the resort as Genoa Hot Springs in 1876 and later as Walley’s. Harriet Walley died in 1896 and the resort was sold by her heirs to John and Richard Raycraft for $5,000 in 1897. Later, Jane Raycraft and her husband James Campbell purchased and operated until 1905. It was then known as “Walley’s Hot Springs” and was advertised as “the most celebrated medicinal spring in Nevada,” offering “amazing remedial energy” for a long list of human ills. In 1910, Clarence Burton purchased Walley’s for $19,000 in gold coins. It prospered until the 1920’s through various owners, when fire took all but the stone cellar, one building, and a few cabins.

In 2010, portions of the resort property, including the restaurants and spa, were acquired by Summerwinds Resort Services, LLC ("Summer Winds"). A leader in the resort industry, Summer Winds is known for its commitment to the customer experience, and its “Refresh, Relax & Reconnect” philosophy.

President and CEO, Mr. Pat Joyce, noted “Our commitment to the Carson Valley community is to restore a historic icon and to achieve David and Harriet Walley's vision of 150 years ago.” To honor the history of the resort and preserve its landmark status, the name was changed to 1862 David Walley’s Hot Springs Resort and Spa. Since its acquisition, Summer Winds has made significant capital improvements to the1862 Restaurant and Saloon and to Harriet’s Café. In January 2013, Summer Winds unveiled the totally renovated 1862 Day Spa, a state-of-the-art facility, overlooking the legendary hot springs.

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