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Wedding Party Spa PackagesGet indulged with one of our exclusive packages.

Bride to be:

50 min Tropicale Saltmousse Body Scrub
50 min Tropicale Hydrating Wrap
50 min Classical Massage


Bridal Refresher:

20 min Pony Express Facial
20 min Stress Relief massage


Mother of the Bride/Groom:

50 min Classical Massage
50 min Age-Smart Facial


Here Comes the Groom:

Men’s Exclusive Facial
50 min Classical Massage


Beautiful Bridesmaid:

20 min Pony Express Facial
20 min Hand and Foot Massage


Honeymoon Package for Two!:

30 min Silky Body Salt Scrub (each)
50 min Couples Massage
20 min Pony Express Facial (each)

$450 - per couple